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„Hungarian tradition recreated”

Ladies and Gentleman,

You are welcome to our HERITAGE website.

The HERITAGE WORKSHOP has been established to manufacture modern tailored clothes - made from natural, extremely high quality textiles – whereby the real beauty is expressed by hand made embroidery originating in the ancient Hungarian ornamentation.
Our motifs are taken and recreated from relics, coming from the time when Hungarians first settled in the area, during the 9th century, as well as 17-18th century men’s ornamented coats. The final enchantment and atmosphere is completed by the appliqués made exclusively by hand.
Each blouse, waistcoat and coat reveals the power, knowledge and skill of the seamstress, who carefully recreates these age old designs thread by thread.
These costumes give pride to the one who wears them, and inspire those who take a good look at them.
These clothes demand that their wearer stand tall with dignity and honour.

We proudly present our collection below.

Yours Sincerely,
Krisztina Katrics
managing director